Dog owners are always looking for new products for their fur babies to play with or use.


A collection of photos from dogs all around.


Grooming? Rescue? Walks?

My Dogs

My dogs are at the center of most of the activities for our household. Their personality vary so much as well as their size.

Dogs are our passion

Each dog has their own personality and traits.  There are infinitely many different breeds and hybrids, but they are all special. Anyone who is thinking of buying a pet and especially a dog, read in advance relevant literature to learn about the breed. 

I spend a lot of my free time with my dogs. 

That dogs are my favorite hobby, it is clear how much time I devote to the topic. This goes far beyond reading books. I go regular meetings with other dog owners and spend every free minute with animals.

Who let the dogs out?!

Dog owners are very important to the health of your animal.  Your interaction and daily routine with your pup dictate how healthy your pup will be. It can also influence how healthy you will be if you take them for daily walks.

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